Friday, December 6, 2013

I have seen only strength and talent in Narendra Modi: Rajnath Singh

News Source: Economictimes 2013-12-04

Terming Narendra Modi as a "political leader with firm conviction", BJP president Rajnath Singh today said he he has only seen strength and talent in his party's Prime Ministerial candidate.

Singh also said although the matter of 'Ram Mandir' was subjudice and one should wait for its verdict, if it is proved that Muslims used that particular place (disputed place) for praying (namaz), he will acknowledge that the effort to construct the temple is "wrong".

"The strongest point of Narendra Modi is that he is a political leader of firm conviction and the kind of transparency in governance which he has shown after working as a chief minister for 12 years is worth the praise. Not only that, in terms of development, he has made Gujarat a model state," said Singh speaking at conclave organized by a TV channel.

Asked about his weak points, Singh said although he is yet to find any, he will try to find one. "I have only seen strength and talent," he said.

"If there is any weakness..he does not care about his health and works relentlessly for the development of the country and the society. It can either be seen as his weakness or strong point," Singh added.

Asked about Modi's "mistakes" on historic and economic facts during his public rallies, Singh said one can see his entire speech and he had not said Takshila was in Patna.

"He had not said that Takshila was in can see the entire speech..There are times that during these hectic tours, there might be slip of tongue..we also do it sometimes.."Singh added.